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  • Ian Campbell

Questions for the Elevator Ride

Preparation is key. Regardless of what you're selling or who your audience is, always remember the importance of entering every deal with a powerful value message FIRST! Here are three techniques that will help you effectively prepare for your meetings, especially during those sometimes dauntingly long elevator rides up to meet the decision-makers.

Questions for the elevator ride graphic
Technique 1: What the Customer Wants

There are only one or two benefits that drive any deal, and two or three benefits that support it. Focus on a few things that matter most to the customer, especially the benefits that are big enough to sway the deal.

Technique 2: Drive to it a Financial Decision

Establish a clear connection between the customer's goals and the tangible benefits that can be quantified with real numbers. By doing so, you transform what could be an obligatory or emotionally driven sale into a numbers-driven financial transaction.

Technique 3: Challenge Your Preconceived Notions

Approach each sales meeting with an open mind, focusing on how this particular prospect can achieve value, rather than solely on how your product or service intends to deliver value. By following these techniques, you'll be well-prepared to engage with potential clients and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Remember, a well-prepared approach maximizes your chances of success.


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