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  • Ian Campbell

Value Sales Messaging

Here are 3 value messages you should include in your traditional sales funnel moving forward.

3 steps to closing a sale with value messaging

Every sales rep has learned some kind of sales funnel. While there are different versions, they all follow the same formula. When utilizing a traditional funnel, it’s important to know what stage a customer is at and have some plan on how to move them to the next stage. That part remains unchanged. What I am proposing is enhancing the sales funnel with value right from the beginning. It starts with a broad value message and gradually gets more specific as you guide the prospect through the funnel.

Stage 1: Show how you deliver value (in other words, present the big picture).

Stage 2: Show how other people, similar to your prospect, have achieved benefits (you must have your business cases ready).

Stage 3: Show how the prospect will achieve these benefits (this is where you provide specific details).

By incorporating these value messages, you’ll enhance your sales funnel and create a more engaging and persuasive customer journey.


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